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HKIRA has recently issued our "IR Guidance amid Coronavirus Outbreak" with the objective to provide practical foresights for IROs on handing communications with investors and other stakeholders. HKIRA has invited panel speakers to join us on an online webinar to share their viewpoints and insights on key issues relating to announcing preliminary annual results, and offer their practical tips on how listed companies could manage investor relations tasks more impactfully in the midst of travelling restrictions and the coronavirus epidemic.


Admission for one (1) individual to the event.

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Standard Price HKD 100
  • Online registration only. Deadline: 9 March 2020 (Monday).
  • HKIRA will confirm availability after verifying membership and payment (if applicable) by email notification. HKIRA reserves the right to final say in registration discrepancies.
  • Registration is non-cancellable and non-refundable.
  • Program may be subject to change.